AI for echo has arrived.

We design machine learning algorithms for everything echo, leveraging a database of 200M+ individual images. Let's chat about implementing AI in your workflow.

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Automated Ejection Fraction

One of dozens of models in our AI, this model can predict abnormal left ventricular function with a 96% accuracy.*

*Accuracy determined by a Pearson correlation coefficient of 0.96.


Feature Extraction and Navigation

This tiny model gives real-time labels of features in the heart while the ultrasound is being performed. This model is tested to work in sub-par imaging conditions and can predict the center of any feature within 4mm in real space.


LVOT and Aortic Diameters

Leveraging our database, we can develop hyper-accurate models to determine diameters of several features along the left ventricular outflow tract and parts of the aorta using a wide array of aortic samples, from normal to critical.

(55 - 75)
Prediction: 27
Automated Reports

Interpret an entire echo with AI

We believe AI has the power to replace human interpretation of echo, and can even do it better.

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A cardiology follow up is recommended.
Ejection Fraction
Production ready algorithms

Integrate AI into your Echo with our Machine Learning solutions.

Choose from existing models or ask us to build a new one for you; we can solve any problem in echocardiography with Machine Learning.

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"Machine learning is a natural and elegant solution to make echocardiographic analysis more efficient and accurate and iCardio.ai has the talent behind it to bring the full analysis of echo to fruition."

Headshot of Professor Chaim Lotan

Professor Chaim Lotan MD
Director of the Heart Institute of Hadassah-Hebrew University

Our Services

Are you ready to leverage the power of AI and the iCardio.ai dataset?

Custom-tailored automated solutions

We can design any custom application for the interpretation of ultrasound imaging.

Data for clinical validation

We provide specialized datasets for verifying and validating clinical applications.

Echo interpretation services

Through the assistance of the iCardio AI, we can provide clinical echo reports at scale for any orginization.

Challenging the impossible, we are reimagining the limits of artificial intelligence in the application of echocardiography.

A universal issue

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and nearly all cardiology patients undergo an echocardiogram test. These tests, however, are highly dependent on doctors' availability and are prone to false positives and negatives.

Meet the team

Through a callaboration of world-leading cardiologists and AI scientists, iCardio.ai endevours to create an AI to produce a comprehensive analysis of echocardiograms on an unprescendented scale.

Meet the team
Hundreds of thousands of participants

Leveraging a dataset of hundreds of thousands of de-identified patients, iCardio.ai is addressing problems only accessible through large-scale data exploration.

200M+ images

Leveraging a dataset of more than 200,000,000 individual echocardiographic images, iCardio.ai is building the gold standard of echocardiography.